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The IOSI Institute for Global Security Research & Analysis is a research foundation developed and managed by ARAC International. Based on the IOSI Global paradigm, The IOSI Institute was developed to provide strategic and analytic support to civil society and public entities to promote public safety and international security.

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IOSI Global 

IOSI is a civil society organization shaping security and intelligence and is committed to promoting and enhancing international security. IOSI is in part consultancy, part lab, and part think tank. We develop practical solutions to current and emerging security threats; by those means, we assist the public sector, the private sector, and civil society to effectively further public safety, democracy, and human rights." ~ IOSI.Global


IOSI is dedicated to providing relevant and up to date expertise regarding security and intelligence at all levels – nationally, regionally, and internationally. We stand with pride, passion, and commitment to secure fundamental rights and common interests across borders regardless of cultures, religions, and ethnicities. In the same manner, we provide top-level training and advising; running seminars, workshops, and conferences, among other activities, are part of what we do.


"Our mission is to strengthen public security and advance national, regional, and international cooperation across the public sector, civil society, and the private sector – with a strong sense of respect for human rights, law, and democracy. In doing so, we aim to foster debate on global and human security topics for the creation and sharing of informed knowledge. Our core values are Excellence, Sustainability, Integrity, Development, and Teamwork.


Our vision is to have a global community in which governments, international public institutions, civil society, and the private sector duly cooperate to prevent international security threats and effectively address them.


Excellence | The highest possible standard of performance and service, with a sense of duty and honor.

Sustainability | A balance between law, order, and justice.

Integrity | Independent, apolitical, ethical, and lawful.

Education | A learning organization that evolves and educates with informed discussions, debate, and decision-making.

Teamwork | We join forces and build relationships with the public sector, the private sector as well as with our partners given our shared vision in security, mission, and values."

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